Test Andy Mc Devitt

Name: Andy

Surname: McDevitt

Gender: Male

Studies: Master of Science

Job Title: Independent Research Consultant Governance & Anti-Corruption

Email: andrewmcdevitt@hotmail.com


Geographical Focus on Work:

Level of Expertise: Advanced

(Extensive consultancy and training experience in national and regional projects in the SEE and Eastern Partnership)


  • Strategic development and planning of anti-corruption strategies and action plans;
  • Monitoring, evaluation, reporting;
  • Corruption Risk Assessment;
  • Ethics and integrity in the public sector and specific areas (expertise in multiple sectors, more specifically in LEA, media, CSO, business);
  • Ethics and integrity in private sector/ business integrity (integrity of state-owner enterprises, judicial integrity and integrity of criminal justice practitioners);
  • Whistleblowing (methodology to assess legislation in line with the EU Directive on whistleblowing)
  • Political party funding;
  • Corruption in certain sub-fields of public sector (sport, education, health, security sector, judiciary, public administration, etc.): multiple, including corruption and natural resources;
  • Surveys on perception of corruption;
  • Investigation, prosecution, adjudication of organized crime, corruption and money laundering: methodology on corruption justice response to corruption offences, accountability of criminal justice institutions.

Other fields of expertise:

  • Developing and implementing corruption measurement tools and methodologies (quantitative and qualitative).