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Tender Announcement: Final External Evaluation of the Southeast Europe (SEE) Regional Programme on Strengthening the Capacity of Anti-corruption Authorities and Civil Society to Combat Corruption and Contribute to the UNCAC Review Process


RAI Secretariat received the following questions via one email on Wednesday 9 October 2019. Answers were emailed to the party and posted here on Monday, 14 October 2019. 

Q: Regarding key outcome #4: Some 75 Civil Society Organizations (hereinafter CSOs) and relevant stakeholders from the SEE region have an increased knowledge of UNCAC and capacity to contribute meaningfully to the ongoing review, as well as their ability to conduct related training in their country or region. We would like to enquire whether there is any available baseline data on CSO and stakeholder knowledge and skills prior to the project commencing? If so, will this be made available to the selected consultants?

A: We started from 0 baseline for all indicators, so the answer would be no, there was no quantitative assessment conducted prior to commencing the project in the Balkans. Having said that, around each of our workshops, we would do a pre- post workshop tests and evaluation questionnaires as to asses the impact of the training and the level of knowledge of our participants before and after. We would also follow-up with them with a six-month post-workshop survey.

Q: Has there been an external or internal mid-term review or monitoring data gathered throughout the programme? If so, will this be made available to the selected consultants?

A: There has been no external or internal mid-term reviews conducted during the Regional Programme implementation. Monitoring data has been collected against set indicators and reported to the Donor biannually. The progress reports and the other materials will be made available to the selected team.

Q: We understand that the evaluation should cover all seven countries, but select three to review in detail involving in-country interviewing. We would suggest that the three countries to review in detail should include at least one country where the project outcomes have not been as successful, in order to provide insights for future project improvements. Would that be an acceptable approach?

A: Your understanding is correct. Furthermore, Programme Team fully agrees with the suggested approach, hence the identification of the respective 3 countries will be done in consultation with the selected External Evaluator.

Q: Regarding the requested references, will contact details suffice or are written references required?

A: With the understanding that your question refers to Chapter 7. Item  2. Evidence of evaluation experience on similar matters with references of the TOR, the Secretariat would expect to receive contact details of the respective references accompanying the evidence of evaluation experience on similar matters.


14 October 2019

RAI Secretariat


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Applications deadline for the position of Chairperson has expired. More information on the elected Chairperson will be available soon.

Applications deadline for the position of Finance and Administrative Officer (Maternity Cover) – pdf has expired. Selection process has been completed. More information will be available soon.


Completed Vacancies and Tenders:


Vacancy for Anti-corruption Expert (core RAI staff): Evaluation report

Vacancy for Anti-corruption Expert – Project Manager: Evaluation Report

Consultancy on international cooperation in asset recovery: Evaluation Report


Development of IT Tool for Corruption Risk Assessment and IT Tool for Anti-Corruption Assessment of Legislation: Tender Evaluation Report