30 June-4 July, Sarajevo, B&H: 14th RAI Summer School for Junior Anti-corruption Practitioners from SEE

Regional Anti-corruption Initiative proudly announces 14th Annual Summer School for Junior Anti-corruption Practitioners from South East Europe. The school will take place in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina from 30 June to 04 July.  The topic of the 2019 Summer School edition is “Investigation of corruption cases- Innovative mechanisms and tools”.



Participants at the Summer School will be selected in cooperation with the Member Countries representatives in RAI Steering Group.

The Summer School will gather young professionals with up to five years of experience in anti-corruption. They will pass one week of intensive study, obtaining theoretical knowledge and practical skills from honorable experts on contemporary and innovative investigation mechanism and tools and on recovering proceeds of crime. They will also have to learn from each other on regional practices. Upon an evaluation test, successful participants will obtain RAI Summer School Certificates.

Please see the Summer School Agenda for more details on its content.

For more information please contact RAI Secretariat on: info@rai-see.org.


RAI Secretariat

29 May 2019


Bosnia and Herzegovina