26-27 November, Sofia, Bulgaria: Regional Forum of the Ministries of Interior/Security on Counteraction to Internal Corruption

Following one of the main priorities of the recent Bulgarian Presidency of the Council of the European Union – the European perspective of the Western Balkans, the Ministry of Interior of Bulgaria was pleased to announce a Regional forum of the Ministries of Interior/Security on Counteraction to Internal Corruption. The event took place on 26-27 November 2018 in Sofia and included a ministerial meeting in the afternoon of 26 November, followed by professional discussions on 27 November. The main aim of the political discussion was to support to the operational cooperation in the counteraction to internal corruption, as well as to discuss the opportunities to enhance further our common activities in the counteraction to corruption at regional level.





Strengthening the fight against corruption forms an integral part of the commitments for achieving European standards of cooperation in the area of home affairs, stated during the meeting of the Ministers of Interior/Security of the Western Balkans on 12 April 2018 in Sofia. At the initiative of Bulgaria, a Network for Enhanced Regional Cooperation of Internal Security Units (NERCISU) was established in 2016, with the participation of the relevant units of the Ministries of Interior/Police of Bulgaria, Romania, Greece, Serbia and Macedonia. The Network functions as a platform for active operational regional cooperation with 24/7 hotline for coordination and exchange of information and intelligence.

For more information, please contact Bulgarian Ministry of Interior, EU and International Cooperation Directorate at: eu2018bg@mvr.bg.



RAI Secretariat

01 November 2018


Bosnia and Herzegovina